What do the Inner Evolution retreats consist of?

  • We do not use prohibited substances in the countries that we visit.
  • We do not perform rituals or ceremonies nor follow any indigenous-shamanic tradition. We are not a religion or sect, but we organise sessions of inner work with conscious accompaniment and with the care of vital details so that the experience is both pleasant and profound.
  • Our approach is directed to the participant, not the techniques or the active substances. We put the emphasis on ” your process”, whether TO START A NEW STAGE OF INNER EVOLUTION, ACCELERATE OR UNBLOCK SOME POINT WHERE YOU ARE STAGNANT OR DORMANT, OR TO FIND SENSE IN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH.
  • We focus on the point of the personal process that each participant is experiencing at each moment because we consider that life itself is a process of Inner Evolution towards the comprehension of ourselves and what happens to us. If you have done many things on a personal development level, this retreat will activate and enhance all the memories of what you have learned.

How will the experience be?

At all times, you will be accompanied by experienced facilitators and therapists, who will support your process using the most advanced integration techniques through a conscious use that will rotate in each retreat and according to the circumstances. It is a synergic mix of holistic resources that vary and are renewed spontaneously in each encounter, making it unique and unrepeatable. Systemic Therapy, Biodanza, No-Therapy, Ho’ponopono, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, music, songs and instruments from many sources… are some of the resources we use according to the situation. The original dynamics created in our school activate emotions and awaken consciousness to produce an objective observation of the movements and processes we experience every day. This is the basis of empowerment. To obtain the best results, we will send you a questionnaire to be completed and returned on the first day.

The retreat combines natural tools and techniques of conscious use to create an integration of attitudes and concrete actions that apply in the participant's daily life.

What are the stages of the retreat?

1. Preparation

The preparation begins when the participants are registered and lasts until 22:00 or 23:00. It is a time of reception, the completed questionnaires are handed in, the individual registration is done, and a brief interview is held. This preparation workshop aims at deactivating the unconscious mechanisms that often hinder access to a fluid and relaxed experience. The person is invited to state their individual purpose and reflect on it. It is not necessary to prepare with diets or abstinences before the retreat, as we consider that the participants should carry out their inner evolution work in the closest way to their normal state in order to obtain a more real one.

2. Session

This process lasts from 4 to 6 hours, and the taking of Ayahuasca forms the basis between 21:00 and 22:00. Where it is necessary to provide one or two cups of ‘booster’ to access a complete experience, this will be provided an hour and a half after the beginning of the session. In cases where a third cup is shared, it will be as long as three hours have passed since the first. Ayahuasca is a gift of Amazonian nature shared during the sessions at no additional cost. The facilitator will determine the doses according to the needs of each participant. The person may suggest what dose they wish to take, but it will be the facilitator who finally decides the most appropriate amount for that person. On some occasions, the facilitator may consider that some participants should not be given Ayahuasca, but this does not mean that the person is excluded from the session. It is possible to participate without taking the Ayahuasca or to participate by taking minimal doses because the purpose of the retreat is not the taking of Ayahuasca but the conscious process of the whole.

3. Conscious Integration

Using natural entheogenic tools, we can bring about the appearance of questions and answers, doubts, unresolved aspects, hidden conflicts, wounds from the past, but above all, the vision of the infinite potentiality that we human beings are and the recognition of the purest and most original values with which we are born. Every high and/or deep connection needs an adaptive interface with real life. The concept of Conscious Integration was born from the need to reorganise the emerging contents of the Ayahuasca and Bufo Alvarius sessions; in those expanded states of consciousness and consequent internal movements. All that appears in these integration sessions is invaluable material, and when they are ordered, they can be used at a personal level. When the magic is manifested, it opens the possibility of reaching a deep comprehension about the issues of daily life.