Who are we?

We are a multinational company dedicated to organizing Inner Evolution events around the world.

Where are we?

We have locations in America and Europe and the legally constituted headquarters is in Spain since 2013. Since 2018 we have also brought about the transformation and healing of the lives of many participants in the United States. According to the legislation of each country we adapt the format of our retreats to always carry them out under the protection of the existing regulations in each place. We organize retreats in our epicenter in Mexico, 11-day trips to the jungle, and several retreats of between 1 and 11 days in our epicenters in Europe.

Who are we at Inner Mastery?

Inner Mastery is formed by an interdisciplinary team of more than 200 health professionals, who together with therapists, facilitators, shamans and traditional doctors from the Amazon jungle, have decided to bring the benefits of natural ancestral tools to the whole world, creating a system based on the Psychotherapeutic Integration of the use of entheogens (substances extracted from plants and animals) that accelerate the processes of overcoming each participant in the retreats. We have found answers and solutions beyond therapy.

Meet the members of Inner Mastery