Quality Assurance

Inner Mastery International Quality Assurance

AYAHUASCA’S INNER EVOLUTION RETREATS WITH PSYCHOTHERAPY USE events bring together thousands of people from all over the world who want to take a step further in their personal development. These are delicate and very important moments in the life of any person, for that reason we are committed to take care of the details related to the services we offer, to give each participant the security that he/she will be in good hands and within an appropriate climate to have a vital experience. If the services we offer in each retreat we organise are not fulfilled, WE WILL GIVE YOU THE PARTICIPATION IN ANOTHER RETREAT FREE OF CHARGE. to do this, each participant must fill in the certificate upon arrival at the retreat, with their name and surname, and the facilitator responsible for the administration will sign the guarantee with the company stamp. At the end of the retreat, the participant will be able to assess whether he/she has received what we offer, in the following points: 1- Abundant and quality food and drink (adapted to different types of diet). 2- Comfort in the location for sleeping and participating in the retreat (according to what is indicated in each retreat according to the place where it is held). 3- Presence of facilitators who DO NOT TAKE AYAHUASCA to take lucid care of the participants’ process during the night. Facilitators trained, supervised and authorised by the European Ayahuasca School. 4- 100% quality in the Ayahuasca we offer, elaborated in the jungle according to the original shamanic formula, WITHOUT ANY AGGREGATES. In the event that any of these points are not fulfilled in a given retreat of at least 2 days and 2 nights duration, the participant will have the right to request the free presence in another retreat, the date of which will be determined according to our calendar. THE ISSUE OF THE QUALITY ASSURANCE CERTIFICATE IS FROM 1 SEPTEMBER 2015.